Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thriller opening sequence ideas.

Idea 3
The film would be a psychology thriller about a man or woman who has a split personality and murders innocent victims. The opening sequence would be flashes of an eye going into long black transitions. The eye looks agitated looking from side to side. When the clip goes into the black transitions you see the titles of the film. At the end of the clip you see the frightened eyes, turn into a smile.
The soundtrack would be made of strings instruments, the music would build suspense until you see the smiling eyes then it would suddenly stop.
The mise-en-scene would just be the eye.
Camera work would be extreme close up of a single eye. There would be hand held camera work used for the shots of the eye, this would make it look more realistic and disorientate the audience.
Editing would be build suspense with the soundtrack, so would start slow and build up speed.

Idea 4
The film is a crime thriller about a man who comes across a large amount of money. The opening would set the scene so it would show business men in suits holding a briefcase. Then it would cut back to a family man. The titles would show up between cut shots.
The mise-en-scene for the business man would be suits, the briefcase and be in a quiet suspicious location.
The soundtrack would be fast and mainly made up from drums.
The editing would be fast to keep up with the ideas of the films.
Camera shots would be a variety of shots to show how both sides of the story are so different.

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