Friday, 7 January 2011

classic thriller

the opening of this classic thriller 'Rear Window' introduces the setting of the film. It shows a view from inside a building, with blinds slowly opening, looking onto a block of flats.

The next shot shows the view from outside the window. It shows a bright block of flats. this confuses the viewer by creating a sense of a happy normal environment. The fact that this is an every day environment, yet is alluding that something extraordinary will happen in this setting, is a thriller convention, as it will heighten any sense of fear/ reality within the audience.

this shows a different angle showing that some one is looking around the block of flats giving the impression that this is all they can see from their position.

This shot introduces the protagonist, he appears sweaty implying he is nervous or that it is a hot day . The protagonist looks like a middle aged male.

This shows a thermometer hanging from the protagonists wall, it shows a high temperature. This object could be a McGuffin.

The view then goes back to looking out of the window, but this time focusing on neighbors (instead off setting). This is a shot of a young woman dancing round her kitchen in her underwear this could be seen as objectification of females, which Hitchcock often used in his fils.

It then goes back to another shot of the protagonist, this time it shows his weakness, which is an achilles heal which Hitchcock again uses a lot in his film, a broken leg.

This shows his position by the window and as well as the cast on his leg he is also in a wheelchair suggesting that he is weak and can not move on his own. giving the protagonist another achilles heel.

this shot shows a broken camera suggesting that it was once an important object. this can also be seen as a McGuffin because although not important now it could become a key part of the story.

After the camera photos are shown. this is a photo of a women, it tells us more about the character as he is obviously into photography.

The last shot used is the same photograph previously shown but of better quality on a magazine front page. this shows that he is a professional and is proud of his work as he has it in his home. 

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