Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Pitch Post

Introduction - Story line. 
An idea for the title of our film so far is;  Lost and Found.
Our final idea was the story of a young person that went missing a long time ago, has been sighted in the playground of their old school. They were wearing the exact same clothes of the day they went missing, except holding a black umbrella to shield themselves. By the time anyone investigated, they was gone again but the umbrella remained lying on the playground floor. More regular sightings, but each time the child disappears again.

Sound.No dialogue would be necessary, just a constant non-diagetic sound track, as well as the surrounding diagetic sounds of traffic, rain and animals etc. The music will start off quiet, and strings dominated, then gradually build up in volume and with more drums. If possible we will try to use the weather to reflect the sinister nature of the film. This will therefore mean we have the sounds of the wind and rain adding to the effect of the soundtrack. Also the use of heavier breathing every time the victim appears will make the scene eerier. 

Shot Types. 
Varied and distorted shots would help to disorientate the viewer, and tie in with the confusion, manipulation and ideas about identity. First we would start with an establishing long shot in a fairly busy area, possibly a school entrance, just carrying on as normal. Then a slight juddering zoom and the missing person would appear in the background. Another juddering zoom and they have disappeared. 
This same sequence would be repeated in different locations such as, a town centre, a park and the train station. The zoom would continue to move towards a close up throughout the filming.  By doing so, it hints at the sub genres of murder mystery and fantasy with the possible ghost.

Mise-en-scene.A very dim mise-en-scene, mainly blacks and grey, with faded colours; minimal lighting but what is used should be all natural ie. the outdoor lighting. Titles would appear each time the victim appears, written in blood red, with dripping effects if possible. They would then fade out as the child disappears.
Suggestions of abuse in their costume, i.e. rips and blood etc. Also many ghost like qualities in the missing person's reappearance and disappearance. Their costume would entail either a little black dress (which we could purchase on the cheap) with rips, fake blood and then a jacket that is clearly too small for them.  They would be barefoot. Or, ripped jeans and a plain black t-shirt, with the same effects, if the dress is not possible to get hold of. 

 We would aim for a combination of these two make up styles. The paleness of the left image, but the dark eyes of the right.

This dress is something similar to the plain one we will look for and the hair style will hopefully be achievable.

Their make up would be ghostly white on their face, but dark eyes and artificial bruising. Hair would be scraggly, but tied back and possibly back combed. 

There will be four different settings where we see the victim disappear. They will be; A school, a local park, a station and a town centre. It shows the age of the girl as she is going back to the places she used to go. Almost as if she is haunting them this could suggest that she had a fatal experience as it is ambiguous to weather she's dead. 



The only prop used in our opening is an umbrella it could suggest what type of weather conditions she was kidnapped in, just a normal winter day. It could also show that it has been a year since she went missing as it is winter again.

we will have to use many editing techniques as our filming will be simple so we will have to rely on editing to get the desired effect and right atmosphere. We would use continuity editing when it it showing the different locations as it would suggest that they were normal places in which she is appearing. We will use cuts to show the location as normal then showing the victim appear then disappear. Between locations we will use black outs to show the change in time and allow us to put in titles. We will use title animation this allows us to move the titles across the screen so they can move with the girl to reflect the girls disappearance and re appearance . The sound will go over the whole of the footage. 

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