Thursday, 27 January 2011


Would it be more like a horror than a triller? We are going to do a supernatural thriller and it wouldn't show violence but the clothes the victim is wearing would indicate that she is being harmed or has been harmed as you don't know if she is a ghost or a real girl.

How would you know that the girl had gone missing? We might add in a montage of newspapers and pictures of the missing girl. Do a news broadcast of a presenter talking about a missing girl or do a radio broadcast and play it over the footage. We would play it over the first part of the opening as it would introduce the back story to the girl and a radio broadcast wouldn't take as much time or preparation.

Would the umbrella reappear every time with the girl? Yes but each time she would drop it. This would show that she is trying to protect herself with the umbrella but when she drops it it shows her protection has gone and each time she reappears it looks like she has been harmed more.

How will she disappear? we will do some test shots next week to see what effects we could use to make the fading effect we want. 

How will you film at the train station? we will ask if the person we are filming can go just inside the barriers and the people with the cameras before the barriers so they can see we wont try and go on a train. if this does not work and we are unable to film inside the station we will film outside and it will have the same effect. 

Try and film somewhere that would have more effect rather than just the quad because if you take time over the makeup and outfit the effect might be lost.  

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