Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Evaluation of a student thriller.

This Student thriller was called "Anonymous" and only 59 seconds in duration. However the group used this time very effectively to introduce their storyline.
It starts off with lots of interfering mechanical noises, a bit like white noise and some black and white, hand held camera work; establishing a forest location. This is slightly disorientating for the audience. 

This then goes to a sequence of extremely fast montage editing. This consists of footage/ images of hanging chains, a lake/ pond, medical x-rays showing scissors inside someone, what seem to be industrial areas, machinery and tools, an odd statue and more disturbing x-rays. There is then a slightly prolonged clip of a girl in a hospital bed; before the montage is repeated. 

The fact that all this filming is done in black and white adds a certain eeriness, along with the strings dominated accompaniment that creates a threatening atmosphere. Also the style of editing is very unsettling for the audience, providing no real sense of explanation, just implications. 
From a birds eye view shot, we then begin to get a proper introduction to who we assume is the main character in the hospital bed, as she begins to wake up, clearly disorientated. 

The montage is then repeated again and followed by an introduction to the narrative. A floor level shot catches the shoes and ankles of two medical staff walking down a corridor, discussing the patient. The voice overs explain to us that the doctors too are confused. 

The montage sequence continues to appear in between hospital shots, cutting up the parallel scenes of the doctors and the patient waking up. A voice over continues, whilst we watch the patient, establishing she is unknown, hence the name "Anonymous". We also have the music constant throughout this clip, reinforcing the sinister nature.  

The montage sequence is all in black and white and although the hospital shots are in colour, they are very dim, as the mise-en-scene is dark and mysterious. 
Throughout the opening sequence, there are titles of the production company:

the media company:

and names of people who worked on the introduction: 

This opening sequence is effective as it does not give too much away, but reveals and implies enough to hook the audience, and draw them into the atmosphere of the thriller. 

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