Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Student Evaluation 2 - The Return

This short thriller opening would be about a level 3  on the mark scheme, because although some aspects are met with excellence, others could have been improved upon.
They can clearly hold a shot steady where appropriate, as we see in the opening zoom:

Also we can see from this screen grab, that they have made use of appropriate titles.

In this extreme close up, we get evidence that they have varied shot distances to fit their atmosphere, we also get another example of the titles used.
To get between these two shots an interesting transition is used:

The blur round the edge of the frame, then took over into effectively fade in fade out, or cross blur to the eye. This was nice variety from cuts too. Also this is evidence of good framing, including and excluding elements/ surroundings as appropriate.

Most of the scenes in the montage editing, appear to be appropriate for thriller, however some don't seem to be necessary or fit in. For example this candle..

The dim/ faded mise-en-scene however is in keeping with the set task, as we can see in the frame below.  The setting is appropriate and the reappearing characters also fit in. 

Sound is used throughout, with an eerie backing track helping to build an atmosphere of tension. However the meaning is not really apparent to the viewer, as there are no clear events or purpose to what we see on screen. 

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