Thursday, 20 January 2011

Maura Stephenson - Thriller idea

my first idea is a phycological thriller. it would be about a stalker who takes girls captive after following them. the opening would be partly filmed on a bus where it would show breath on the window and water droplets trickling down on a dark morning. the camera would then scan the bus and focus on the back of a girl. she would look around looking scared or suspicious and the camera would zoom in on her face and her eye. the camera would follow her off the bus but stay in the same position. it would be shot through the window of the bus and would follow the girl across the street as she looked behind her again. there would also be some montage editing which would include photos of her and other girls and newspaper articles of missing girls.

my second idea would be about a mysterious man who has the same routine every day. it would follow him getting up and ready walking down the street and sitting in the park where he would sit and watch everyone who walks past. he would have a notepad where he would write down things when certain people walked past. he would then go back to his home where it could show a diagram he has been making up on his wall and things would start to connect together. he is obsessed with the city work men that walked past him every day and it leads him insane that he doesn't have what they have. 

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