Friday, 18 February 2011

Test sound track

Using garageband, I started to piece together some ideas as what our soundtrack may  be like. The use of heavy rain was vital, due to our key prop being an umbrella. There are quite heavy drums the whole way through, giving a sense of urgency. It then mainly uses synths for an eerie, sinister effect.
Over the top are some voices from a youtube video of a missing person's report, this is to give some sense of the narrative for the audience.
I think this soundtrack is effective for our desired effect, however it is only 50 seconds long and for our opening sequence we would have to extend this.
Obviously there are also many more options we could have used when creating our soundtrack and we haven't attempted our own voiceovers yet.

To upload this, I then put it over our test title's to get some idea of how this would work and added a final picture, which could possibly be part of a promotional poster; however at the top of this picture is a company name, had i noticed earlier, i would of cut this out. Finally I added the title of the film.

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