Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sound - Test shots

Whilst trying to decide on sound, we will try out recording our own voices doing news bulletins and alike, then putting several filters or effects to make them more authentic. This would be played as a soundtrack over our footage, to make it clear that the girl who keeps appearing is missing.

However if this does not work as we would like, we will take the audio from several youtube bulletins and then in Garageband cut and split each one. This will hopefully make it more realistic and the different voices will be disorientating whilst making it sound like different news reports.
Cutting the audio will allow us to make sure no actual names are mentioned and the reporters speak more generally of a missing person.
This would also act as a non-diagetic soundtrack over our footage, but this time with more of a montage effect.

Here is one example of a clip we could edit from youtube:

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