Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Target Audience

For our thriller we need to think about who it is suitable to try and appeal to and how we are going to do this.
With the sinister implications of our film and the possibility of showing violence and abuse, this is definitely for an older audience. However as the main character is a college student, it would probably appeal to older students as well. Therefore our target age range would probably be 16 - 30 years old mainly. It would not be considered a feel good family film, but also not one to be watched alone.

There would not be much (if any) explicit graphic violence or scenes of sexual horror and so hopefully would not put off anxious or squeamish viewers. It is the suspense and mystery, along with implications that will hopefully make "Lost and Found" into a successful thriller.
The fact that it is set in locations which the audience would be familiar with everyday; and that the plot for some people is a reality, will stir up a sense of connection with the main character; and so being drawn more into the storyline and caught up in the thriller. Because of this, the people most likely to particularly relate within the film are students, commuters, parents and people who live in big cities.

We aim to appeal to these audiences by using locations well recognised within Cambridge, but that are easily transferable to other big cities; such as the train station, the grand arcade shopping centre, Parkers piece and Long Road Sixth Form. Also the sound we intend to use, voice overs from missing person's bulletin's on "youtube", will hopefully evoke an emotional response within the audience as they may remember certain cases, but it will also then include the emotional appeal which most bulletins include, making it more believable and suitable for the desired audience.  

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