Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Test Footage

We took some test shots mainly so we could try out the editing technique of ghosting or duplication that we wanted to achieve in our thriller; also to practice the zoom and panning which the character appears in and out of. By editing our shots together we were able to see where we would use the techniques learnt.

However the test shots also allowed us to think about framing and lighting as well. The day we filmed on was very bright, which was not really the effect we wanted. So when it came to editing, we played around with the filters to give a slightly darker, creepier effect. Framing Maura in the centre of the shot was always important to make her the focus, except for the end shot where she is slightly off centre; but this allows us to slightly follow her gaze.
Duplicating the footage disorientated the audience and looked effective, however we were still playing around the amount of times we duplicated, which looked most effective yet allowed us to see clearly what was going on.
Given more time we would also like to add more transitions to make the footage flow better.

We used the sound from our sonic mood board, as we liked the effect his created.

Here is out test footage:

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