Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Screen Pane

Here is our screen pane, 9 images to demonstrate our thriller opening:

Screen Pane

From Left to right - Top  row first:
1. Lighting - Here is a good example of how we used all natural lighting around dusk, to convey the mysterious atmosphere.
2. Props - A close up of our key prop, the umbrella, which is significant to our missing person although it is unexplained why. She holds this throughout even though it is not raining and it is always marks the place where she was spotted.
3.  Locations - A clear establishing shot which captures the sign "Grand Arcade" tells the audience where we are, as well as letting them recognize it is set in Cambridge. There is an equivalent sign in each establishing shot.
4. Camerawork 1 - A long shot of our protagonist sat on a bench, it is also slightly out of focus due to the overlapping. Putting her in this ordinary situation and observing her, highlights the extraordinary circumstances.
5. Costume - A profile full body shot of our protagonist in all black helps her to blend in to the dark mise en scene and the mysteriousness, a dress; leggings; gloves and trainers. This helps to reinforce her age and vulnerability, playing off stereotypical images of women. the make up along with the costume is dark showing bruising and again in keeping with the sinister atmosphere.
6. Camerawork 2 - Contrasting, a close up of our protagonist holding the umbrella inside. Zooming in on her allows us to begin to see her bruises etc on her expressionless face.
7. Titles - Over this long shot of just the umbrella, you can see how we added our titles and with what font: Rough typewriter - creating a newspaper article effect - in keeping with the theme of our voice over. They flicker and fade in and out, mirroring our protagonist.
8. Thriller conventions 1 - A close up of our protagonist with other passers by fading in and out around her; suggests the theme of identity, as we know nothing about her, but people continue to walk by without paying any attention. She is unnoticed amongst the crowd.
9. Thriller conventions 2 - Being shown some bruising on her face, hints at the crime that is at the centre of our narrative. We also begin to see our protagonist experiencing some form of peril.

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