Thursday, 24 March 2011

Class feedback.

-The non diegetic sound of the reports are very good
-Effects are amazing really well done and adds to the feel that is being created by the voiceover, mysterious and unknown
-Really good effects at the start and i love how you did the titles it goes well with the sequence
-The music was dramatic and had a good pace to it. I liked the idea of using voice overs of different people it made it confusing in a good way but linked it so well.
-Voice over added sense of reality to the opening.
-I liked the overlapping of different scenes to distort the overall appearance, it is good at drawing in the audiences attention in order to find out what happens next. the narrative  voice of the news woman is affective and creates tension.
- i liked the sound effects of the news report they were effective.
- good music, good location i like the effects throughout the clip and good use of the public
-voice overs fit in well with the music
- really nice distorting effects
- effective makeup
- i loved the effect during the titles
- you've done a really good job of making her appear
- the location are really good
- the voice over sounds really good giving a news report feel and the way it was all in black and white gave a really nice feel.
- Good use of non diagetic sound
- Good editing has been used
- The shots used worked well, especially the shot at the front entrance.

- the sound drags on and is repetitive also it gets to a point where there are too many effects.
- there is too much diagetic sound as well as the non diagetic sound of the news report
- not a great use of different camera shots
-the different shots layered were a little bit too much maybe use less shots to layer.
- the disorientated/ blurred effect was effective but i felt it dragged on a bit
- it wasn't specific to what the story line was perhaps an improvement would be a clearer story line however it gets the audience thinking which is good.
- better makeup?
- narrative is unclear
- music is repetitive
- music goes on for too long it would be better if there was some ambient sound.
- i didn't like the soundtrack as it got really repetitive quickly
- Doesn't give a clear understanding of what is going on.
- Voiceover is too quiet
- It is not too clear who are the main character(s) that are introduced, which is what an opening sequence is meant to do.

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