Thursday, 10 March 2011


We filmed over two nights. The first time we filmed the costume and makeup weren't put on, so the footage didn't look as good as the standards we set ourself in the planning stage. although the footage itself was of good quality and we finished all the filming in one night, we decided to use the other night we had to film again with all of the costume and makeup.
when filming we didn't have much trouble with people in the public disrupting the filming although in some clips some people are looking directly at the camera. if we had time to film this again and use people we knew so that this would not happen and it would look more realistic.
Filming outside around Cambridge was very cold and so we were glad of the tripod to hold the shots steady, however we had to make a couple of attempts at the end pan, as this was very difficult to get smooth. The one used in our rough cut and final opening sequence was the best out of 3.
In all, our filming was pretty quick to do as we had planned well. It only took us an hour and a half out of lessons the second time round; and 20 minutes or so within a lesson to film.  Also our shots were not too complex to shoot and as it is a repetitive sequence,  once we had done it once we knew what we were doing.
Thanks to the preliminary task, we already knew how to use the new HD camera's and this allowed us to get straight on with filming, making efficient use of our time.

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